Confident and proficient in the domain of iOS Application Development, ORGware Technologies Pvt. Ltd, promises to deliver top-notch mobile applications to cater the needs of our clients. Our iOS Application development team is solely comprised of amazingly talented developers, who are experts in working with exclusive apple technologies; and our designing team is highly motivated and skilled enough to design exceptional UI designs that are perfectly suited for all iOS devices – iPhones & iPads.

We use advanced strategies and technologies to design and deploy applications with a spontaneous interface and advanced features that follows apple store guidelines firmly. We have completed and delivered iOS applications for both iPhones and iPads to small and corporate businesses alike ranging from a simple mobile app to process managing solution which has enhanced the business process.


Android Application Development is one of the fastest evolving and constantly growing development industries, whose market size has expanded exponentially in the recent years. With the constant growth comes demand, and Orgware Technologies Pvt. Ltd, has always matched the demand and delivered results as promised, in compliance with client’s requirements within a given budget and time.

We are backed by our remarkably skilled developers, who are capable of creating distinctive features that gratify business requirements and ever adapting to newer technologies to provide robust solutions, and our brilliant designers, who design impeccable UI designs with visually pleasing and easy to navigate layouts. With our unyielding development strategies and our expertise gained from years of experience, we have delivered dynamic solutions to business of varying size and domains to enhance their efficiency and productivity.


If Mobile Application is our Passion, then Gaming is our Obsession, and bringing them together is like a Dream come true. It takes a creative mind and a right technology to craft a gripping Game with mind-blowing concept, attractive Visuals and exciting Sound effects that will engross the Player in the game like none other. Our desire to create new worlds and motivation to use the right tools, have driven us to create an incredible collection of Games using different technologies such as Corona, Unity 2D and 3D, Blender and Photoshop.


Since the rise of cross platform mobile development frameworks such as PhoneGap, Titanium, and many more, small and medium business owners prefer to develop a cross platform application rather than native applications, as same applications can be used by customers in various mobile platforms. Our Cross Platform developers are skilled coders and are capable of designing a solution that will perfectly suit the guidelines and fundamentals of multi-platforms, and also furnish the requirements of the businesses. With a patronage of experts and advanced methodologies, we are certain to deliver an unequaled and quality solution to businesses that they can be proud of and get benefitted out of.


Mobile Cloud Solution is a demanding and highly promising movement in this Information Era, allowing Data to be accessed and processed from anywhere in the World, using any devices across any platform. Mobile Cloud Solution since have broken the information access barrier by having the Data stored and processed in the powerful and centralized Computing platforms in Clouds. Ever since the inception of the Cloud Solution, ORGware has taken advantage of the technology, and have thus designed and implemented cloud solutions across various applications and platforms, enabling businesses of varying domains to get benefitted.


A Recognized Web Development Company, ORGware Technologies Pvt. Ltd, guarantees a first-rate development services at a competitive pricing to small businesses and corporate alike. With years of experience in the field of Web Design & Development at our disposal, we promise to offer better-quality and commendable Web applications to our clients. Our designers and developers possess significant skills and expertise to apply cutting edge technologies to deliver competent web solutions according to the customer requirements. We have successfully designed and deployed number of secure, reliable and easy to maintain web solutions for businesses of varying domains.


A noteworthy website, with great design, is certainly an important element for a business owner, who is interested in entering the digital world and wants to provide a better service to the customers. In order to aid owners just like that, we render affordable, professional and custom web solutions using cutting-edge technologies and best practices to allow their businesses to grow at a rapid pace. We have skilled designers and developers, who are specialized in building website with visually appealing designs and easy navigations that will automatically attract target customers. We have delivered number of websites to various businesses, which not only have logical designs but also have better user engagement.


Open Source technologies facilitate web solutions which are vigorous, visually appealing and easy to navigate, and thus increasing user engagement. ORGware Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is one of the early adaptors of Open Source revolution which significantly changed the mindset of IT Industry in terms of Websites and Web applications, and our developers have gained a notable reputation for developing customized web applications using advanced Open Source platforms such as Joomla, Wordpress, PHP & Drupal. Our open source solutions, developed with strong development strategies and radical open-source platforms, are indeed robust and highly scalable, allowing the businesses to manage the web solutions and enhance the business presence in the digital world.


Mobile Applications have revolutionized the enterprise and business worlds for their ability to simplify the process and improve productivity. Due to their nature of being easily available in hand-held devices like Mobiles and Tablets, and providing access to information that are otherwise not readily available, Applications have grew in market size exponentially. ORGware technologies have always been a part of this market as Technology Partners to Enterprises and Business, and have accessed, designed and implemented several Apps, increasing the productivity of the processes greatly.


Our E-Commerce Web Solutions provide a platform to small and medium level businesses, and corporate to run a successful electronic commercial business over the internet, involving marketing, buying & selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services. With an incredible team of developers, we create secure, reliable and robust eCommerce websites making the businesses efficient and profitable.


Location based mobile solutions are increasingly being developed and deployed by businesses of various domains all over the world, due to their nature of providing immediate access to information such as product or service details, reviews, price comparisons and availability, in the close proximity of the consumer. And to businesses, it offers a competitive edge by reaching to potential customers nearby, thereby increasing the probability of an immediate sale. Our developers have a greater experience in the field of Location based mobile applications, as some of our major products such as Taxi Booking Application, Student Tracking System, Vehicle Tracking Application, Find Nearby Application, etc., offers location based services as essential functionality for the consumers. We can deliver superior, reliable and easy to use GPS based applications with great user interface design and experience that sets you apart from competition.