Asset Management System

We deploy IOT Solution at Places
with no direct internet connectivity

We achieve it by employing multiple gateways and end node along with proprietary RF technology

Multiple gateways that operates using propriety RF technology are to be placed at the identified remote locations. The primary gateway is supposed to be connected to cloud over available internet connectivity (GSM/WiFi/Ethernet).

The gateways connect with each to create a mesh network within the stipulated environment. The mesh network would be used to transmit and receive data.                                                                                                                                            

The end nodes read data from the sensors and transmit data to gateway over mesh network which then reaches to primary gateway and then to the cloud. Front-end applications communicate with cloud services to provide instantaneous insights all time.

PROBLEM at Scale

Extracting fuels from the ground and transporting them to the refinery to the end-user is a complex and critical task. Drilling equipment, pipelines, transportation and logistics – there are too many points to monitor along the way, with each one being critical, and potentially dangerous, as the next. Irrespective of which part of the Oil and Gas value chain – Upstream, Midstream, or Downstream, every sector is eventually adopting the IoT in Oil and Gas. Business leaders in the Oil and Gas industry are looking for plug and play IoT solution for oil and gas, where they don’t have to deal with multiple vendors.
Anyware provides a complete End-to-End IoT solution for oil and gas, covering every Oil and Gas industry vertical to make the Oil and Gas industry’s operation efficient and effective.

Fleet Monitoring Solution

Monitor your fleet anytime anywhere

  • Optimal Route Management
  • Oil Transporter Weight Measurement
  • Transport Tanker Temperature Sensing
  • Fleet Tracking and Trip Management

Leak Detection Solution

Detect leaks faster to prevent accidents

  • Real-time Pipeline Leakage detection
  • Methane Gas detection
  • Real-time Alert System
  • Remote Area Pipeline Monitoring

Oil well / Tanker Monitoring Solution

Protection for your well and Oil Tankers

  • Monitor tank level and temperature
  • Water pressure monitoring
  • Remote Oil well monitoring
  • Monitor Oil Tanks Remotely